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Get Ready for Summer Moving!

It's time for that summer move! If you have a family with school-age children, moving during the summer is just the right time so your kids can have a fresh start at their new school. Here are some essentials to keep in mind:

1. Look for homes within kid-friendly communities. When you have school-age children, you'll want to select a school district that's right for your child. Or maybe your child just got accepted at a private school, daycare, or preschool, and you're looking for a property close by so that mornings during your child's school years are not such a hassle. Other factors you'll want to consider when making a kid-friendly move are:

  • churches or places of worship

  • libraries, museums, and other educational/cultural centers

  • accessibility to playgrounds and family recreational centers

​​2. Give your kids a chance to say goodbye. Waiting to relocate until after school is out is a smart move (pun intended). However, you'll want to give your school-age children time to say goodbye. It's recommended that you allow a few weeks after school ends so that your kids can say goodbye to their friends at that summer picnic or pool party. Likewise, it's important not to move right before your child starts their new school so that they can get settled and make friends in their new community first.

3. Look for rent specials. Finally, because the summer months are such a peak time for moving, you'll find of a number of summer rent specials if you use a property locator service. These specials take various forms and can literally save you hundreds of dollars or more:

  • cash

  • rent credit

  • prorated rent

  • percentage or fixed amount off

Tips for applying:

  • Be ready to sign a lease within 24-48 hours of applying.

  • Well-established, reputable realtors should offer locator services for free.

  • Be prepared to pay administrative fees and deposits when you sign the lease.

  • With summer specials and good credit, a locator may be able to find you a deal where you don't have to pay so much up front.

​​Items to remember when you apply:

  • paystub or other proof of current income

  • social security card

  • valid ID (driver's license or passport)

  • work history

  • rental history

I'm a realtor in the Houston area with ten years of experience, and I specialize in helping people find their ideal house or apartment. Don't miss my video to learn more about summer moving. And be sure to ask about my free property locator services in Houston, move-in specials, personal tours, or anything else!

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