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Many ask me "What do you do?"

Alexandra Torres | Team Leader & Real Estate Agent


Growing up surrounded by real estate, I have been fortunate to benefit from my family's rich legacy in the field. My father, Carlos Torres, a distinguished Realtor and mortgage broker based in Houston, and my grandfather, who owned and served as a general contractor for multi-family properties in Nicaragua, have played pivotal roles in imparting me an in-depth understanding of the industry. I pursued my passion for interior design at The Art Institute of Houston, earning a BFA degree in 2009.

From a young age, I accompanied my father on property showings, observing his shrewd business tactics, relationship-building skills, and deal-making strategies. With him, I honed my eye for design and advertising and became a licensed Real Estate Agent in 2008. Amid the 2009 recession, I launched Strands of Silver Co., intending to practice interior design, but soon garnered attention for my marketing and branding expertise.

Strands of Silver Co. evolved into a full-fledged design agency, servicing a diverse clientele beyond real estate, but always with a focus on enhancing brand identity and marketing collateral. In 2017, I fused my dual passions by leading Arise Realty Group to assist individuals in achieving their ideal lifestyle through customized design and real estate services. Throughout my career, I have applied my multifaceted skillset by working with small business owners to grow and expand their enterprises.


In 2018, a local award-winning developer granted me the opportunity to oversee leasing operations on their personal developments. Through this experience, I have developed a skillset in collaborating with local business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses, helping them establish their presence in the Houston marketplace.

Recognizing the demand for short-term, private individual workspaces, I became increasingly aware of small business owners need to start small and grow. This small workspace set-up benefitted not only the community but also landlords by minimizing vacancies, reducing the days on the market, and consequently increasing building revenue.

Presently, I primarily focus on conducting market research and analyzing the potential of multi-tenant local properties that are typically under 60,000 square feet and consist of single or double-story buildings. By actively engaging with the Houston creatives and small business owners, I am able to see the demand in our communities for smaller "affordable" workspaces and communicate those requirements to local landlords, resulting in a mutually advantageous outcome.

In addition, I have had the pleasure of negotiating a diversity of leases from warehouse/flex, retail, restaurants, and office space. My team and I have also worked with first-time commercial buyers and sellers in commercial land, gas stations, office buildings, multi-family, warehouses, and retail centers. Our focus lies on serving our Houston locals who seek to grow, expand, and leave a mark!


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