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Don't go Looking Before it's Time...

I greatly encourage you not to go looking at apartments before it's time to move. You may say... "But, Why not?"

I know it's very tempting to go apartment searching a few months before your lease ends but, what happens is the rates are often changing. Some apartment's literally change their prices everyday. That does not give you a good gauge on what to expect when you're ready to move. I always recommend my clients wait until they are ready to sign a lease about 30-45 days before their lease expires.

Before you go apartment searching I recommend you do the following:

1. Contact an apartment locator first! Again, contact an Apartment Locator first! When you contact a locator first you improve your chances to save money! As your locator I will call the apartments ahead of time, verify pricing, verify specials, and I will schedule all apartment tours, and visit the properties with you. This also allows me to find you the best deal possible and in return save you money! I will find you a place based on your budget and preferences. Don't stress, I work behind the scenes on your behalf!

2. Be ready to sign a lease. Before you go apartment hunting understand that in order to take advantage of apartment specials, pricing, availability, and "Look and Lease" specials ,you must be ready to sign a lease within 24-48 hours. I have had clients go apartment searching too early in the process and then contact me to help them find an apartment. Later, they are frustrated because the rates have gone up, the pricing has changed, the special has expired/changed. Now, they really love a specific apartment they saw before but have to pay more to move-in. Save yourself the headache and frustration! Don't look before it's time.

3. Save time! When I, your apartment locator, assist you with your apartment search I can get you pricing based on availability at that time. This will save you time from having to drive to various apartments in one day. By the time we go tour an apartment you will know what is available, what is the price, and what specials they are currently promoting. All you need to do is decide which apartment you like best and suits your needs. Once you decide on which property you desire to live in we will fill out your application and go through the approval process! Don't waste your precious time trying to call several apartments let me do the work for you! Best of all, my Apartment Locating Services are Free to you! The properties pay me! Learn more how I'm paid under my FAQ section.

I'd love to help you! Call/Text - (832) 460-6670 | Email Me - Houston Apartment Locator | Alexandra Torres with J. Lindsey Properties

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