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Memorial/City Centre

The Memorial Neighborhood welcomes you! This neighborhood is named for beautiful Memorial Park, which crosses into the loop and pokes out into two other districts. This massive park has something for everyone, including volleyball and tennis courts, 3 miles of running trails, and plenty of room for a sunny picnic with family or friends. 


Memorial Neighborhood also hosts the City Centre. This mixed-use development is open year-round and has a variety of events ranging from yoga to the City Centre Runner’s Club. The City Centre also partners with a variety of interesting organizations, like Forgotten Pet Advocates.  


Memorial Neighborhood is perfect for play and for great food. Seasons 52 and the Tasting Room both offer eclectic fare that includes a Champagne Benedict and Prosecco Bellinis. With all the new apartments coming into the area, you could live within walking distance to everything that the Memorial Neighborhood has to offer. Stop by today and see what you’re missing.

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