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Seller's Guide

Understand the influences the market, the condition of your home, and sales terms can have on the resale value of your home and the amount of money you keep in your pocket.

Choose the Right Agent for your Transaction

A passionate, knowledgeable local expert who understands the market is important. Equally important is their communication, organization, and timeliness. Your agent will walk you through how your home will be marketed to attract buyers upon listing!

Determine a Fair Market Value

Take the time to work closely with your agent to create a thorough Comparative Market Analysis for you. You’ll want to take a good look at comparable properties in your neighborhood that have sold recently.

Review the Overall Market Conditions

Buyer activity levels, the number of listing in your neighborhood can influence the value of your property, home sale’s ratios, and average days on the market can determine how long a home may be on the market.

Perform Home Improvements Which Lead to a Positive Net on your Resale Value

Regardless of your home's condition, improvements can positively influence your re-sale value. Focus on items such as cleanliness, organization, fresh paint, shampoo carpets, and eliminating foul odors.

Get your Home Ready for Showings

The cosmetic appeal of a property highly influences buyers. To the untrained eye (like your average buyer), cleanliness is a proxy for how well the home was cared for. Be sure to send the right message with a bright & clean experience; remove personal items to give the home a "staged feel" to allow the buyer to imagine themselves in the space. 

Reports & Feedback

Weekly reports help see the number of showings (both virtually and physically) and feedback is requested from the buyer's agent regarding your home. Feedback on the home's condition along with showing highlights allow you to make changes if needed to improve desirability.

Let's get your home listed!

We want to help your home sell and fast! Often homes are overlooked because of poor presentation.


Work with an agent who will show you comps of homes that are similar to your square footage, lot size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and design.


You don't want to list your home too high or too low where you either miss out of the right buyer by over pricing or give your home away.


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